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, who was appointed by president george w. bush to lead this court in a more conservative direction initially was poised to strike down the key part of the health care law. but then he changed his mind and the outcome of this entire case. after oral arguments in the landmark case, sources tell cbs news roberts agreed with the court's four conservative justices that the heart of the law, the individual mandate that requires all americans to buy health insurance, was unconstitutional. but as roberts set out to write the court's majority opinion-- according to two sources with specific knowledge of the deliberations-- his views began to change. he forged an alliance with the court's four liberal justices and crafted a decision upholding the law under congress's power to levy taxes. that argument had gotten little attention and was uniformly rejected in the lower court. roberts then withstood a month- long desperate campaign by the conservatives led by justice anthony kennedy to bring him back. but roberts did not budge. on the last day of the court's term, after roberts announced his d
w. bush received when he ran against john kerry in 2004. now the president continues to have very strong support, high approval ratings among african americans but some democrats are worried about turnout and, scott, romney is hoping that his economic message will resonate at least to the point that voters aren't motivated to turn out against him. >> pelley: jan, thanks very much. today the house of representatives voted to repeal president obama's health care law. it is the 33rd time that house republicans have done that even though they know the repeal won't go anywhere, it won't be considered by the senate-- which is controlled by the democrats-- and, of course, the president would veto it. with so much urgent business before the house, why spend so much time voting to repeal the law over and over again? we asked nancy cordes to look into it. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: house republicans have now held so many repeal votes lawmakers are losing track. >> this is the 31st repeal vote. >> today's 32nd repeal vote of health care. >> reporter: in fact, it is the 33rd vote to
. former president george w. bush released nine. but mr. obama's challenger, senator john mccain, released just two years and told us today that's good enough for romney, too. do you think it's creating a distraction, though, that the obama campaign... >> that's exactly what the obama campaign wants to do is create a distraction. anything to avoid the economy that's in the tank. >> reporter: even newt gingrich now backs romney on this issue. >> well, i thought that he owed it to the country to share more. he's agreed now to go to two full years of disclosure. at the time he hadn't done that. >> reporter: but he had this advice for the romney campaign. >> i think they've got to be tougher, more direct, and i think they will be. >> reporter: part of the challenge for romney here is that it was his own father, george romney, who set the standard for presidential candidates when he released 12 years of his tax returns, scott, when he was running back in 1968. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. in utah last night, an airline pilot suspected of murder made a desperate attempt to fly away. what happene
.com. at the midway point of the season, they have not had a winning season since george w. bush was in the white house. the giants have the second-best record. tim lincecum in washington d.c.. 13 straight shutout innings. but then in the third danny espinoza hit a fly ball to left- center. the ball hit the top of the wall inches from a home run. he settled for an rbi double. washington scored twice in that inning and then in the third, desmond hits that pitch to the jefferson memorial. tim lincecum gives up eight runs, seven earned in three and a third. right now the giants are up 8/2 in the seventh and the game is in a rain delay. national outrage over the election of paulo sandoval by fans to start the all-star team. it is dying down except in new york or the mets general manager is still putting them on twitter, thinking that his third baseman should have started. he says " all starting election of kung fu panda shows the value of a cute nickname, surprised giants fans did not elect a bald guy to start at third base ". who was the leading champion at wimbledon last year? that would be petra,
point out to you, george w. bush released 10 years. george hw bush released 14 years. and bob dole released 30 years. mitt romney has only released one. how is that the standard? >> well, good morning to you, as well, norah. as to the two years, he released one year going back and then also the estimate that he has for this year. so that's two at least prel preliminarily on the second year. >> but we don't know how much taxes he paid on 2011. >> not yet, but he said he would release those going forward. and as to the standard that you mentioned, the practice has varied. you cited some examples of some. but there's others who have only gone back a few years. but the larger point is this. there is no claim or no credible indication that mitt romney has done anything wrong. he's within the range of past practice and custom. but number two, why is the media focused on this issue, 10, 15-year-old tax returns or college transcripts, when we should be focused on the larger issues and the main issues in this race? >> is governor rick perry a member of the media? >> i'm sorry? >> governor r
for representative stark, he apologized after making this comment about george w. bush at the capital after $7 billion was pulled for the health care of low-income kids. >> you don't have money to fund the children but you will spend it to blow up innocent people, if we get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's abuse meant. >> more recently mass flight would not debate his current opponent, he had this to say to seven cisco, call. >> stupid questions like you are asking that have nothing to do with issues, i will talk to anyone about issues but not about nonsense .. >> his behavior over the past 20 years, the number of comments he has made that heaven sexist or racist or homophobic, have cost him his seniority and in 2010 our own party had to step in and deprive him of being share because of his behavior. >> what he is referring to is the march of 2010 when the representative was the chair of the ways and means committee for just one day. according to los angeles times democratic leaders were concerned ab
when president george w. bush put him on the supreme court and that was something that not even the conservative justices expected back in march when the court heard arguments in this case. i am told by two sources with specific knowledge of the court's deliberations that roberts initially sided with the conservatives in this case and was prepared to strike down the heart of this law, the so-called individual mandate, of course, that requires all americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. but roberts, i'm told by my sources, changed his views decideing to instead join with the liberals. he withstood-- i'm told by my sources-- a month-long desperate campaign by the conservative justices to bring him back to the fold and that campaign was led, ironically, by justice anthony kennedy and why that's ironic is because it was justice kennedy that conservatives feared would be the one most likely to defect but their effort, of course, was unsuccessful, roberts didn't budge, the conservatives wrote that astonishing joint dissent united in opposition and roberts wrote the majority opini
fundraisers so far this year, compared to 36 for george w. bush at this time in his 2004 re-election campaign. the president has even made tucked rai fundraising calls. he outspent john mccain 3-1. buoyed by enthusiasm from small donors as well as wall street and hollywood. but this year, wall street is far less generous and the small donors far less excited. mitt romney has had no trouble raising money from wealthy supporters. this past weekend at a dinner in the hamptons with the price of admission $75,000 a couple. the president is also warning about money from outside groups, who can raise unlimited amounts, where the gop has the financial advantage. >> the other side is spending more money than we have ever seen before. you have billionaires writing $10 million checks. yeah. they just are spending money like nobody's business. >> reporter: the one place so far in this campaign where obama campaign officials think that they have a head start is in eight key swing states, where so far they have spent $40 million in advertising compared to romney's $13 million. and campaign officials think
however distantly to people as diverse as warren buffet, sarah palin, rush limbaugh and george w. bush, but now the researchers at have discovered startling new evidence, a connection in his mother's family tree. president obama's diverse roots from kenya to kansas are widely known, but now researchers have found a new link. >> president obama is the 11th great grandson of john punch who was the first documented african to be enslaved for life in the american colonies. >> joseph shumway from ancest says his mother is the first descendent of the american slaves through a family called bunch. >> we found that through dna testing by members of the bunch family that their direct ancestors are are subsaharan african origin. we made the connection with the earliest bunch family members and a gentleman by the name of john punch. >> reporter: in 1640, john punch, an african was a servant in virginia who escaped, was caught, and sentenced to remain in bondage to his master for life. as for the difference in the names, punch with a p versus bunch with a b, researchers s
? >> bill, thank you. >>> ari fleischer was white house press secretary for president george w. bush. we're pleased to have him here this morning. >> good morning. >> as a republican, how do you measure, if any, the defining of mitt romney during this period by these attacks? >> there's an easy way to measure it, and that's polls. what we know is since mitt romney won the nomination, despite almost $100 million of ads thrown at him by the obama campaign, he has cut the gap in half. he is down two points in the average polls, which really means that the race is neck and neck. >> does the candidate, assumed to be candidate after the nominating conventions, plan to at some point begin to do something different than what he's doing now? >> well, doing something different, i think if you look again at the polls, charlie, that's of registered voters. when you go to the likely voters, he's winning. so i think mitt romney is actually getting no credit for running what's been a very smart, sensible campaign, trying to keep the focus on the economy, when you have an incumbent that will do everythi
the only battles the government has a bad step for that reason also ronald reagan and george debt h. w. bush were on board there and serve turner also volunteering to restore her up north and down here. in yesterday's trip down memory lane certainly was a much an emotional one. the equates i do watch a little dust adamite. it was quite surreal. >>> again today is the official commissioning of this museum that is taking place at noon today but it will open as a museum to the public on saturday tickets are $18 a person but if you got an islet driver's license to pollute broader year walkup to come and visit for free. did we saw a lot of fun. i was iraq to the bottom of that ship about two months ago for on the day it is huge. did with the base and they're putting the final touches on it before it finally took out to on to the golden gate bridge. >>> thank you joy. the delays in here though. >>> snow. and have discovered of a minor problem of a bridge to no problems there ... like the things will wrap up quickly conditions of the rich and sandras celebrate genevan we've been watching t
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11